History of Our Funeral Home

Harper Funeral Home was founded in 2015 by J.D. Harper, a fourth generation funeral director in San Angelo, TX.

J.D.’s great-grandfather owned a funeral home in Goldthwaite, TX. His grandfather, Billy Ray Harper, decided to join the family business, and Billy’s father-in-law suggested that he come to San Angelo, TX to find work. Billy Ray built a solid reputation for excellent service to the community and became the owner of Johnson’s Funeral Home. Later, J.D.’s father and uncle took up the mantle and joined the family business. They continued the family's legacy of service, offering the highest level of care to San Angelo, TX and the surrounding communities. Eventually, Johnson’s was sold to a corporation.

J.D. grew up in and around the funeral home, and worked at the funeral home while he was in high school. When J.D. graduated from Texas A&M University, he decided that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in funeral service. He and his wife, Ashley, began construction on a brand new funeral care facility in San Angelo, TX, building the business from the ground up. Now he provides compassionate custom funeral services, burial services, and funeral caskets for those who have passed. 

"Now it's my turn to continue the legacy of service that began with my family four generations ago. I want to help people—help carry the burden at the time of loss. It’s a tough time in someone’s life," said J.D.

Our Funeral Home Today

J.D., like his ancestors, has found his calling as a funeral director. He saw the way his father and grandfather before him interacted with grieving families and the impact they made. He learned that a funeral home that treats its clients right is a funeral home that makes a positive difference in the community. During such a challenging time, families need a funeral home that goes above and beyond to ensure every request is met.

Within Harper Funeral Home, our staff act as stable and supportive professionals who are dedicated to easing families through their grief and memorializing those who have passed. Through our cremation services, grief support, burial services, obituary writing, memorial services, and other funeral services, we are ready to assist those throughout the Miles and San Angelo, TX areas. Whenever the need for funeral services arises, we invite you to get in touch to learn about how we can help.

Harper Funeral Home
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2606 Southland Boulevard , San Angelo, Texas

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